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Only the greedy survive.

If your gonna be in Austin for SXSW make sure if you see me you grab a lesstape, with a few tracks released from timeless already and a few previous tracks and a snip it from my next song/video Get Dough. Just a little something to get people familiar with who I am before the timeless project. #FLS (at Lesstime )


I swear if you didn’t go to hell for killing yourself I woulda been gone. This shit gettin to hard.

Ape shall never kill ape.

Lastnight was the worst day of my life up until the show, and I let that carried on to my set, not only that I let technical difficulties get to me also. I wanna apologize to the people that came to see not only Dom but me Also, I let yal down, myself down, and my God down. Time to get my life in order. Love you all who support, believe in me, and have faith in me. #FLS


I’ve made some mistakes that I’m not proud of, some mistakes that I tried to hide in fear of hurting the ones that I truly love, some mistakes that would injure the relationships that I have with others. Everyone has good and evil in them, and sometimes we let the evil win more than the good. I’ve recently lost a battle between good and evil but I did not lose the fight. I will not stop fighting. When you love, you don’t just let it fade when mistakes are made, and that’s what I refuse to do.

#tbt Tomorrow Houston with dom kennedy.

Another sold out show I get to be apart of. Thanks! If you slept on this show also, oh well your fault nothing I can do for you. Also go to FLS.bigcartel.com and get the near gear before that’s gone too. #FLS (at fls.bigcartel.com)

Just dropped, go grab that at FLS.bigcartel.com

FLS.bigcartel.com (at fls.bigcartel.com)